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Mechanical Servicing and Repairs  

Why have your vehicle regularly serviced?

Keeping your vehicle serviced prolongs its life.

Oils and fluids degrade over time.

Filters become degraded and/or blocked which seriously effects the ability to filter particles which can cause premature wear on moving parts in your engine or transmission.

Keeping your vehicle regularly serviced is the best way to prevent mechanical damage or failure.

We recommend most vehicles have an engine oil and filter change every 10,000 kilometres or every 6 months.

We offer service packages to cater for all budgets. From a basic oil and filter change to complete flush of all fluids and complete vehicle service checks.

Call or email us with your vehicle details and level of service required for a no obligation quote.


  • Change engine oil and oil filter - good quality Fuchs or Castrol oil used
  • Replace front wiper blades
  • Check and top up washer fluid
  • Check windscreen for damage
  • Lubricate door, bonnet, boot hinges and strikers
  • Remove wheels and visually check brake components
  • Check condition of brake hoses and lines
  • Check brake fluid level and condition
  • Test battery condition
  • Check operation of lights, indicators and horn
  • Check fluid level and condition in transmission and differential
  • Check CV boots and joints
  • Check all fluid levels under bonnet
  • Check and drive belts (excluding cam belt)
  • Check condition of air cleaner element
  • Check condition of hoses and clamps
  • Check fuel filter
  • Check and top up radiator water level
  • Visually check radiator condition
  • Visually check radiator hoses
  • Check steering components for excess play
  • Check condition of steering rack boots
  • Check exhaust condition and security
  • Check for uneven tyre wear, damage and tread depth
  • Inflate all tyres to correct pressures
  • Road test vehicle

$235 incl gst

*Includes up to 5 litres of 10/30 or 15/40 engine oil and a engine oil filter up to the value of $23rrp.

Extra charges may apply to some European or larger vehicles